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I don't think I've ever put my red beans and rice recipe in here. That is truly a shame, this is one of my favorite things. I eat it at least once a month. The tricky part is, it's rarely made exactly the same way twice. I've made it so hot even I couldn't eat it. I've used every kind of link sausage on the market-pork, beef, turkey and Boca soy links. It's been dotted with cheese (very untraditional) or not. Here's how I made it just now.

Three-four cloves or garlic, minced
One onion, chopped (I like yellow)
Two stalks of celery, chopped
One bell pepper, red or yellow perferred, green if you have to, chopped
One package of commercial link sausage (two links), any type. If you can get andoullie sausage, go for it. And like I said, veggies can use Boca "Italian sausage" links freely.
Three or four cups of cooked small red beans (look for them in Mexican or speciality markets. Kidney beans can be subsituted if need be.), with cooking water.
Spices to taste (we'll describe the spices later)
3-4 cups hot cooked rice.

Okay, first, have your beans ready. I cook a cup of dried red beans in a slow cooker with about four cups of water and a vegetable stock cube in the water. That works well for me. I've never used canned beans, but you might have to rinse those and use some chicken broth for the water, as canned bean liquid is salty.

Start the rice when you're ready to make the red beans and sausage. I fix brown rice, so I add a cup of brown rice to three cups of boiling water with about a half-tablespoon of oil added. That cooks for about forty minutes, so it should be done around the same time as the beans and sausage. You can also fix your favorite rice, or use a rice cooker.

When ready, heat some oil or part oil and part butter in a big skillet. Chop your garlic, onion, celery, bell pepper, and sausage while this heats/melts. Add all the veggies and sausage at once and cook about ten minutes, flipping and stirring every now and then. When it's nearly done, start measuring your spices.

Okay, spices. I am not Cajun. Not even a little bit. So, I've played around with the spices a lot. My first goal was just "hot", after a while I started adding some Italian herbs to give it more body, and now I'm lazy. I use a tablespoon or two of a cajun spice mixture, plus extra cayenne, some basil, a little rosemary, and whatever else catches my fancy that day and doesn't clash. Put your spices in a little bowl and add the cooked beans and bean liquid to the sausage mixture. Add the spices.

Let this simmer over medium heat for a while, stirring every five minutes or so. When the bean liquid is reduced and thick, it's ready. To serve, ladle rice in a bowl, and top with beans and sausage. Good with greens and cornbread, or by itself. It makes a cheap, filling meal.
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